Mission Statement

Emerald Management Corporation, (EMC), was established to provide quality, effective property management and development of residential subsidized, market, condominium real estate; commercial and condominium office real estate.

Our goal is to manage all aspects of an owner’s property to maintain, and increase the value of their asset. The physical, administrative, and financial management of any real estate is the essence of its purpose. To this extent, our firm establishes and implements procedures to be followed with regards to all aspects of managing the asset. As an integral part of this process, we focus on the appropriate staffing requirements necessary to achieve the goals set forth by each owner.

Personnel Qualifications

Deborah K. Shangraw, Owner and President of Emerald Management Corporation: 
Deb has worked for three property management firms in Maine, and has over 30 years of experience in personally managing various types of real estate. These include:

  • Residential & Commercial Condominiums
  • Office/Retail Commercial Property
  • Section 8 HUD Elderly and Family, with and without Tax Credits
  • Rural Development, with and without Rental Assistance
  • Rural Development with Tax Credits
  • Maine State Housing Authority RHLP programs, with and without Tax Credits
  • Residential and Office Condominiums
  • Office/Retail Commercial Property
  • Conventional Market Apartments, with and without Tax Credits

Throughout the history of her property management employment, Deborah has worked from site manager to property manager, and from Director of Management on to the ownership of her own management company, gaining experience on all levels of property management. Deborah is a certified Tax Credit Specialist through the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM).

Deborah has also served on several Board of Directors positions for the Maine Real Estate Managers Association as Secretary (1993-1995), Vice President (1995-1997), and most recently as President (1997-1999), Convention Chair (1999 – 2000) and Toys for Tots and Teens Chair (2001 -2006). Deb currently sits on the Advisory Council for My Place Teen Center in Westbrook, ME.

Diane MacDonald, Chief Financial Officer:
Diane oversees all financial operations of our portfolio. Diane handles all aspects of the accounting department and its operations. Diane processes all paperwork necessary to produce the monthly financial statements and year end audit prep work. Diane has more than 30 years experience in the financial oversight of property management firms. Her portfolio consisted of residential, commercial and condominium real estate. Diane is also a Notary Public in the State of Maine. Diane has been working with Emerald Management for more than 12  years.

Jane Whitcomb, Administrative  Assistant:
Jane is the assistant to Deb Shangraw. Jane works directly with Deb in the day to day management of our portfolio.  Jane is responsible for all application processing, re certification processing, vacancies and working daily with the maintenance staff. Jane has been with Emerald Management 4 + years.

Roger Tweedie, Maintenance:
Roger handles the day to day maintenance for the Greater Portland properties. Roger has more than 30 years experience in minor plumbing, electrical, grounds work and carpentry work. Roger joined Emerald in the fall of 2013.

Gary Kennedy, Maintenance:
Gary handles the daily grounds cleaning and janitorial duties for common areas, both interior/exterior. In addition, Gary also deals with the minor maintenance of the Greater Portland properties in conjunction with the other maintenance staff. Gary has been working with Emerald Management for more than 4 years.

Kurt Shangraw Grounds/Painting:
Kurt oversees the entire grounds operations in the summer and winter months. Kurt also works with his crews and handles a portion of the portfolio personally. Kurt handles all of our interior painting of new and occupied units. Kurt has been working with Emerald Management for more than 13 years.  Kurt also owns and operates his own landscaping & snow removal business, Diamond Landcaping, LLC.  Diamond Landscaping provides grounds services to several of our clients.  See more details under our “Landscaping” tab.

Kyle Shangraw, Grounds/Painting:
Kyle works with Kurt maintaining the grounds and painting of interior/exterior of our portfolio. Kyle has been working with Emerald Management for more than 10 years.

Eric Nevers, Maintenance:
Eric works with our other maintenance staff and our administrative assistant in the day to day maintenance of our entire portfolio. Eric has more than 20 years in minor plumbing, carpentry, painting, grounds work. Eric joined Emerald fall of 2014.